There's A Word for That!

CHUTZPAH | Mara Jill Herman

May 31, 2023 Suzanne Dressler Season 1 Episode 45
There's A Word for That!
CHUTZPAH | Mara Jill Herman
Show Notes

In this fascinating conversation, Suzanne and Mara go all out to discuss the Yiddish word “Chutzpah” and all its connotations and the ways it is used in everyday life, for both Jews and non-Jews. They also discuss, in provocative detail, other Yiddish words that we know and love.

Feel free to tell us what YOUR favorite Yiddish words are. Are there any you would like to see on the podcast? Let us know!

About Mara Jill Herman:
Mara Jill Herman is a multidisciplinary Jewish artist who endeavors to abolish anti-Semitism, advocates for gender equity, and protects human rights. She performed leading roles all over the country and recently made her Carnegie Hall debut in We Are Here: Songs From The Holocaust. International Tours include Disney On Classic (Mother Gothel) and Jesus Christ Superstar. Mara also produces benefit concerts for various causes.

Mara received NYFA’s City Artist Corps Grant and YoungArts’ Creative Grant for generating original work. She was featured on CBS Mornings with the Queens Theatre Senior Ensemble for Storytelling and Devised Theatre work. For the past decade, she engaged thousands of students, parents, and teachers for YoungArts as a Program Presenter, Adjudicator, and Head Resident Advisor. Currently, Mara teaches for City Center and New York Theatre Workshop.

Mara is a 2023 nominee for the Barbara Whitman Award (Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation).

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About the Show:

There’s a Word For That! is a weekly podcast that centers around a different word or expression each episode. Host Suzanne Dressler believes in pushing the envelope to explore why and how we use words and the ways this impacts our lives. With a diverse assortment of intelligent, creative, and exciting guests, TAWFT! will force you to analyze and consider words in an entirely original and eye-opening way. Even better? NOTHING is off-limits.

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