There's A Word for That!

OTHER | KJ Nasrul

November 03, 2020 Suzanne Dressler Season 1 Episode 8
There's A Word for That!
OTHER | KJ Nasrul
Show Notes

KJ and Suzanne break down the use of the word “other” : how we use it, what it means psychologically, physically, emotionally, and the ways in which feeling like the other (or being TOLD we are the other) can, and often does, have lasting consequences. 

More about KJ:

Kimberly "KJ" Nasrul is a licensed psychotherapist and musician nursing an obsession with words...and a gift for making grilled cheese sandwiches. She helps healers and essential frontline workers recover their resilient stories via music, art and compassionate conversations so that they can continue to uplift and heal their communities. 

When she's not planning her next traveling adventure, KJ can be found on her podcast, Stories of Astonishing Light, jamming with musicians, artists, and trailblazers about creativity and mental wellness accessibility for all communities. 

She is a Disaster Mental Health Responder (Psychological First Aid) and Quality Improvement Specialist for health privacy.

She is also an avid roller skater. And, LOVELY human.

About the Show:

There’s a Word For That! is a weekly podcast that centers around a different word or expression each episode. Host Suzanne Dressler believes in pushing the envelope to explore why and how we use words and the ways this impacts our lives. With a diverse assortment of intelligent, creative, and exciting guests, TAWFT! will force you to analyze and consider words in an entirely original and eye-opening way. Even better? NOTHING is off-limits.

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