There's A Word for That!

ENERGY | Nikki Yarnell

October 12, 2021 Suzanne Dressler Season 2 Episode 31
There's A Word for That!
ENERGY | Nikki Yarnell
Show Notes

We are thrilled to bring you Episode 31, the first episode of Season 2 of TAWFT!

Suzanne brings on Nikki Yarnell, a brilliant Balinese healer, who analyzes “energy” in an exciting and unique interview. All we will say is this: You will think of “energy” in new and thought-provoking ways and hopefully, feel hopeful and eager to try something new and powerful.

Should you choose to seek out Balinese energy healing, the first session with Nikki is complimentary!


  • You have the capacity to stress yourself out and the capacity to aid in your own healing.
  • You are an energy being sitting with all this potential.

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About the Guest:

Gilded Hands Founder and CEO Nikki Yarnell have had an enriching and varied career as a massage therapist and healer over the past 12 years. Endorsed in the New York Times by former J. Crew President Jenna Lyons, her clients include Tony-nominated Best Actress Tovah Feldshuh as well as the Broadway casts of "American Psycho" and "Fiddler on the Roof," U.S. government officials, A-list actors, musicians, NBA players, models and fashion icons. Nikki provides traditional Swedish, deep tissue, medical, myofascial, prenatal and sports massage as well as an ancient Balinese modality capable of healing a wide variety of ailments and pain.

In addition to her extensive experience working in luxury spa settings, Nikki also often works with critical medical patients in various care facilities and professional athletes at sporting events. Clients find Nikki's work to be significantly more in-depth than the average massage and healing session partly due to her own experiences as a patient and now collaborator with several of the most respected physical therapists and master healers in practice. n.

Appointments are available in 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 2-hour sessions in various locations throughout the New York Tri-State area as well as custom travel experiences. Gift certificates are available, please contact Nikki for details.

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About the Show:

There’s a Word For That! is a weekly podcast that centers around a different word or expression each episode. Host Suzanne Dressler believes in pushing the envelope to explore why and how we use words and the ways this impacts our lives. With a diverse assortment of intelligent, creative, and exciting guests, TAWFT! will force you to analyze and consider words in an entirely original and eye-opening way. Even better? NOTHING is off-limits.:

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