There's A Word for That!

DIETING | M Reim Ifrach

February 02, 2022 Suzanne Dressler Season 1 Episode 38
There's A Word for That!
DIETING | M Reim Ifrach
Show Notes


  • "Everything about dieting that we've been told is essentially a lie."
  • "Dieting is the language of the oppressor."

About the Guest:
M is a trans/non-binary art therapist, fat activist and artist whose work focuses on body justice, intersectional social justice, and eating disorder treatment equity access.

They are the Director for Walden Behavioral Care’s Rainbow Road, the country’s first virtual Eating Disorder 2slgbtqia+ IOP, which is proud to announce having over 90% Queer Staffing. They also co-own and operate Rainbow Recovery where they support people through the gender affirmation process, complex trauma recovery, eating disorder recovery, and body image issues. M serves as part of the board of directors for Project HEAL and is chair of their Development Committee and is committed to the mission that all bodies deserve recovery and that marginalized bodies need to be amplified in the eating disorder landscape to eradicate the stereotypes surrounding eating disorders. When M isn’t working they enjoy raising many animals including Pinball Wizard, their blind dog, watching all things Horror on repeat, obsessing over all things Elton John, and enjoying time with their family.

About the Show:

There’s a Word For That! is a weekly podcast that centers around a different word or expression each episode. Host Suzanne Dressler believes in pushing the envelope to explore why and how we use words and the ways this impacts our lives. With a diverse assortment of intelligent, creative, and exciting guests, TAWFT! will force you to analyze and consider words in an entirely original and eye-opening way. Even better? NOTHING is off-limits.

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